Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial opens at Orange Regional Gallery

Oct 10, 2019 | Australian Drawing Biennial

Central Estern Daily:

October 10 2019, By Alex Crowe

Playback, the third Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial, will open at the Orange Regional Gallery on Friday.

The exhibition presents work by eight contemporary Australian artists, exploring history through crossovers between drawing and the moving image.

In Playback works by Vernon Ah Kee, Laura Hindmarsh, Locust Jones, Dorota Mytych, Jason Phu, Lucienne Rickard, Nick Strike and Sharon Goodwin, respond to images found in art history, archives, newspapers, cinema and online.

Ms Goodwin’s work breaks away from the two-dimensional realms normally associated with drawing in her re-contextualising of the story of the Egyptian-born St Anthony the Great.

“I’m interested in mythology and how it informs ideas of the world and also how it disappoints,” she said.

“I take these ideas and change them so they more accurately represent my experience.”

The exhibition has been on show from the Art Gallery of NSW, to the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, before landing in Orange.

NSW Gallery curator Matt Cox will present a floor talk at 5.30pm prior to the opening.

He said by reanimating images from the past the artists encourage audiences to understand ways history repeats itself.

“There are drawings in Playback that also invoke the moving image as they unfold and reform in a process of recycling, and in so doing, the image, rather than being recovered or restored, becomes something other,” he said.

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Image Crecits: EXHIBITION OPENING: Melbourne artist Sharon Goodwin installed her piece, Never is forever 2, at the Orange Regional Gallery.