Regional Teacher Training Workshop

National Art School

The Foundation funds two intensive weekend drawing workshops annually, each for 20 Visual Arts teachers from schools in regional NSW. Professional staff from the National Art School travel throughout the state to conduct the courses. Teachers from isolated areas are able to refresh their skills, share ideas and debate issues with their peers. The workshops have a multiplier effect with the Visual Arts teachers returning to their students with new ideas and techniques.

Griffith Regional Teachers’ Workshop 2023 feedback:

“I gained a huge amount of confidence in learning the stop motion program and applying it to my teaching practice. I have been able to use the drawing and animation skills with a range of my Stage 4 classes with much success. It has brought the students drawings to life and also re-engaged some students who were struggling with developing their drawing ideas. Todd was a wonderful presenter who gave thoughtful and practical solutions of how to best use i motion in a classroom context. The range of drawing activities and techniques have also helped develop quick, alternative drawing activities that are easy to apply in the classroom. In addition, it was inspiring to work at the Griffith Art Gallery surrounded by some of the most diverse and interesting drawing based artworks from the Dobell Drawing Prize. Being a rural art teacher there is nothing more inspiring then to be able to bring real artworks to country areas and expose rural students to the same quality of exhibitions that their city counterparts enjoy. Overall, it was an inspiring workshop.”